Saturday, October 15, 2005


Proof (directed by John Madden, based on a play by David Auburn): Rating 7/10

What happens when genius finally fades? A man who has a lot of intelligent ideas suddenly finds himself writing gibberish! Yes in most cases, old age is responsible. And in other cases, it is just a loss of the inner spark that drives a person. Proof tackles the question of mathematical genius, on how it develops, how it inspires and how it fades away. It is based on a play and I am sure that is where its strength is. As a movie, I didn’t feel it worked. It went on a single motion and never really lifted itself up. Yeah this is a good movie but nothing here grabbed me and made me care. Pi was brilliant. But that sought to explore another side of the math equation. In the end, Proof seems to be drag on a bit too long, even though the movie is around the 90 minute mark (99 minutes to be exact).

That being said, both the actresses are very good. Gwyneth Paltrow plays her role so well that you actually begin to believe she is losing her mind. Hope Davis is excellent as Paltrow’s sister – someone who has nothing in common with her sibling and is more organized and focused. And Anthony Hopkins is good as usual, which is one expects of him. Jake Gyllenhaal seems to be settling in Hollywood now. He had an average role in this movie but his bigger roles in Brokeback Mountain and Jarhead await. Ofcourse, Donnie Darko was still one of his best roles.

Like A History of Violence, I don’t believe this movie should have been shown in multiplexes. Yes I know the big theatres are trying to diversify but really a movie like Proof is not the way to do it.

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Pacze Moj said...

I agree with you -- Proof isn't bad, but it's somewhat bland. It's as if director John Madden added absolutely nothing to the film. Good thing the performances are solid and the source is good.