Saturday, August 30, 2008

CIFF 2008 Schedule

The full schedule for the 2008 Calgary Film Festival is out!. There are some excellent titles, including:

  • Three Monkeys (Director: Nuri Bilge Ceylan)
  • Gomorrah (Director: Matteo Garrone)
  • Silent Light (Director: Carlos Reygadas)
  • In The City of Sylvia (Director: José Luis Guerín)

  • I saw José Luis Guerín's beautiful In The City of Sylvia last year at VIFF but I might try to see it a second time because I am not sure if it will make it to DVD anytime soon. Also, it is nice to see Jia Zhang-ke's Useless have a showing as well. This was another title I was fortunate to have seen at VIFF.


    acquarello said...

    Isn't Pope's Toilet supposedly one of the "must sees"? It's playing in New York as part of Latin Beat, but with NYFF just around the corner, I'm saving my vacation days. :) I'm bummed that the new Ceylan didn't make NYFF.

    Sachin said...

    I have to say I do plan to see it but compared to the other names that I put up, I was not sure where it ranked.

    I am surprized that the Ceylan is not playing at NYFF. Normally, their selections are all quality flicks but I wonder if it has to do with distribution, meaning the film might get released in theatres?

    acquarello said...

    I can't quite figure out how the FSLC selection committee chooses their picks (other than trying to be well-rounded with domestic and international, old and new releases), but distribution hasn't been a factor. About three years ago, something like 90% of their films actually already had distribution (the Garrel was the one exception). They picked up Distant and Climates before too, so the omission was a surprise. I wonder if it was because those weren't well attended that they passed on the new one.

    Sachin said...

    I do notice that NYFF does strike a very nice balance in getting a good collection of films. But I would have thought winning best director at Cannes would have carried a lot of weight regardless of past attendences. :)

    I just saw the official website of Three Monkeys and in the Releases section, it is showing that New Yorker Films have the distribution. But so far no dates have been announced.