Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Legend of AVB

In a dimly lit pub, an unshaven man quietly sips his drink. He looks up and sees a score of 4-1 flash on the tv. His head sinks down and his shoulders look like those of a defeated man. He gets up from his stool, puts his hat on and walks out without even finishing his drink.

Someone asks "who was that?"

The bartender, Rango, replies: "They call him AVB"

"I have never heard of this AVB"

Rango: "He was brought here to restore order & build for a bright future. But he didn't know this town already had 3 sheriffs. They drove him out. Every now and then, his ghost appears here."

"What!!! He's not real?"

Rango: "Who is partner, who is?"

Thus ends "The Strange Case of André Villas-Boas", a chapter from "Mysteries of Porto", a previously unpublished work found by a sailor in Valparaiso. The sailor reportedly paid three crowns for this work.


Sam Juliano said...

Ha! I read through this twice Sachin, and it's a most imaginative way to visualize the aftermath to a soccer game and the concept of domination and defeat. Of course I may be completely wrong, but I had a lot of fun reading this!

Sachin said...

Thanks Sam. You figured it out although a bit more context. AVB, a young manager from Portugal, was hired by Chelsea last summer but he was recently dismissed after results didn't go his way. One reason he didn't succeed was that some of the senior players (3 in particular) didn't want him there.

Today, without him in charge, Chelsea won 4-1 against Napoli to overturn a 3-1 defeat 2 weeks ago under AVB.

And then you can guess the film references :)