Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Euro 2012: Game 3 results

The game 3 results of the Euro 2012 Book & Film Spotlight. As per the rules, the only two possible scores could be either 1-0 or 1-1. The eight match-ups are listed in order of the group games.

Poland (In Darkness) vs Czech Republic (Protektor)

Both the Polish and Czech films depict stories of Jewish ordeal under Nazi occupation although the two films approach the subject in different manners. By focussing on a group of people, In Darkness looks at the struggle of a community as a whole. Whereas, Protektor uses a couple’s relationship and their career ups/downs to show the effect of the Nazi occupation. The two films are technically sharp and feature some memorable acting, so that made it difficult to pick an outright winner. However, the Czech film narrowly takes a 1-0 win.

Greece (Alps) vs Russia (How I Ended This Summer)

Another tough match-up given the varying scope of the two films. Alps makes a broader statement about society and human behavior while How I Ended This Summer has a microscopic on two characters isolated from the world. In the end, the Russian film wins out.

Holland (Winter in Wartime) vs Portugal (The Strange Case of Angelica)

The light and charming The Strange Case of Angelica registers another straight forward win for Portugal in the group phase.

Denmark (Terribly Happy) vs Germany (Storm)

Two engaging films went toe-to-toe in a very tight contest. The Germans took an early lead and maintained that lead until the final minutes when Denmark managed to spring a noirish surprize.

Ireland (Kisses) vs Italy (Terraferma)

The Irish film proudly held Italy for about an hour but Terraferma managed to score a late goal to earn all three points.

Croatia (The Blacks) vs Spain (Map of the Sounds of Tokyo)

On paper, this was supposed to be a close contest. But the early promise of the Spanish film quickly disappeared while the Croatia film grew in strength and finished strongly.

Ukraine (My Joy) vs England (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy)

Easily the toughest game 3 match-up as two excellent films faced off. Also, both films are tied together by a common bond as well. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy examines the political games between East vs West and tackles corruption and loyalty. My Joy is firmly set in the East and also highlights corruption. The acting & editing in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy easily wins out but My Joy races clear on a visual front. So an extremely enjoyable 1-1.

France (Rapt) vs Sweden (Everlasting Moments)

The Swedish entry followed a predictable approach while the French film managed to stand apart because of its clever variation on a kidnapping story.

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