Friday, May 02, 2014

Asian Films

The 12 films from the Asian region of the 2014 Movie World Cup have been selected. Australia is now playing in the Asian zone and not Oceania for the World Cup. Therefore, its films are included along with the other three Asian nations.

The three films from the four nations are selected as per the following criteria:

Film 1: previously seen film from 2005 - 2013
Film 2: unseen film from 2005 - 2013
Film 3: film from 1960 - 2004


Film 1: Snowtown (2011, Justin Kurzel)
Film 2: The Hunter (2011, Daniel Nettheim)
Film 3: The Last Wave (1977, Peter Weir)


Film 1: This is Not a Film (2011, Mojtaba Mirtahmasb/Jafar Panahi)
Film 2: The White Meadows (2011, Mohammad Rasoulof)
Film 3: Taste of Cherry (1997, Abbas Kiarostami)


Film 1: Like Father, Like Son (2013, Hirokazu Koreeda)
Film 2: Why Don’t You Play in Hell? (2013, Sion Sono)
Film 3: When a Woman Ascends the Stairs (1960, Mikio Naruse)

South Korea

Film 1: In Another Country (2012, Hong Sang-soo)
Film 2: The Day He Arrives (2011, Hong Sang-soo)
Film 3: The Housemaid (1960, Ki-young Kim)

In contrast to previous World Cup tournaments, the Asian nations that have qualified have a good cinematic history. This will make for some excellent viewing.

On paper, out of the four nations, Iran appears to have the best chance of going furthest in the tournament. But there are a lot of films to watch. Plenty of chances for an upset or two.


Sam Juliano said...

Sachin, I would have to agree that Iran of all the nations here has the very best chance of advancing in the tournament. TASTE OF CHERRY is one of the greatest films ever from that country while the other two bring up the flank in spectacular fashion. Japan has fielded a great team here too!

Sachin said...

I do believe that as well Sam that Iran and Japan have a great chance of advancing very far in this tournament :)