Monday, January 30, 2006

End of the month wrap-up

Out of four movies that I saw in the last few days, three of them bored me to tears. So I won't be objective at all but as subjective as I can be. Here are the culprits:

Me and You and Everyone We Know (written and directed by Miranda July)

Phew! To say that I disliked this movie would be an understatement! In fact, I found this movie to be an utter waste of time. Now given that this movie has won tons of critical acclaim (Cannes included) and has made plenty of best 2005 movie lists, I just didn’t fancy it. Yes this is a completely unique and original movie. In fact, I found a lot of good things about this movie like the acting of the two kids and the father, the nice ending (where the little boy learns the truth about the noise in the morning) and the overall good dreamy feel to the movie. But what really annoyed me was the acting of Miranda July, who happens to be the movie’s writer and director. Yes her character is supposed to be like that, but everytime her character opened her mouth, I cringed. I watched the entire movie because I was still remotely interested. I found the opening 10 minutes the most annoying but I got settled to the overall mood of the movie after that. Because of the dreamy music, the movie can’t be taken seriously even though it portrays some serious issues. How can I describe it? Well take some parts of Larry Clark’s movies (a very tiny portion), add some essence of Todd Solondz’s Happiness , mix some American Beauty components and combine with plenty of scoops of sugar and churn mixture in a blender for a few hours. Serve the final product chilled with a touch of sunshine. End result: not my cup of juice!

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (directed by Wes Anderson)

Now I don’t expect a Wes Anderson movie to be a laugh out humour fest nor do I expect his movies to be a dramatic tear jerker. Rushmore was interesting and The Royal Tenenbaums was brilliant. But The Life Aquatic is quite boring. Sure it is original and contains some very interesting characters but overall I could care less. After the 40 minute mark, I lost all interest. Now, there are some funny moments until the end but they are so spread out in a dull and dreary movie that it is hard to stay awake.

Tears of the Black Tiger (written and directed by Wisit Sasanatieng)

A colourful Thai Western! Sounds interesting and I am sure it is. But I guess I was no mood to watch a movie and had really lost all interest even before I had started this one. The only reason I wanted to watch this movie was because I had missed the director’s recent feature Citizen Dog in the London Film Festival. So I wanted to give this 2000 movie, which put the director on the map, a watch. It really puts a twist on the whole western genre and is funny with colorful backgrounds and visuals. But on some other day, this movie would have had more of my attention. The overdramatic colorful scenes reminded of one too many Bollywood movies and I just had to rush through this one.

Rize (directed by David LaChapelle)

This documentary starts out with the statement that none of the footage is speeded up. Which is a good thing to know because watching the energetic dances in this movie, one does wonder if it is all real? Can people be that flexible and move that fast? Ofcourse they can! Watching the brilliant moves is pure joy. But I was a bit let down when the movie tried to scratch the surface to bring the story behind the dance. I have seen a couple of really good documentaries in the last few years covering the gang aspects of life on the American streets that this movie just seemed to rehash the same elements. One can argue that the story of the dance can't be told without the gang element. Sure enough, but I wish those sections were presented in a better manner. Still this one is worth a watch because it opens one eye's to a different kind of 'clowning' life style.

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