Thursday, June 22, 2006

1st Movie World Cup – First Round Results!

The first round of both the FIFA World Cup and Movie World Cup have been completed. Here are the final results and comparisons of both (Note: the top two teams advance from the 8 Groups, A - H):

FIFA World Cup First Round Results:

Teams advancing -- Germany (1st in Group A), Ecuador (2nd in Group A), England (1B), Sweden (2B), Argentina (1C), Holland (2C), Portugal (1D), Mexico (2D), Italy (1E), Ghana (2E), Brazil (1F), Australia (2F), Switzerland (1G), France (2G), Spain (1H), Ukraine (2H)

Movie World Cup First Round Results (Note: There were a total of 22 movies from the 32 countries involved):

Movies advancing: Germany (1A), Poland (2A), Sweden (1B), England (2B), Argentina (1C), Holland (2C), Iran (1D), Portugal (2D), USA (1E), Italy (2E), Brazil (1F), Japan (2F), Korea (1G), France (2G), Spain (1H), Tunisia (2H)

Comparison: 10 Countries overlap in both Soccer and Movie World Cup. Out of those, Germany, Argentina, Brazil and Spain have first place in both cases and Holland and France take second place in both. Only One of the second round matches is the exact same in both the movie and soccer world cup -- Spain vs France.

Group A – Germany, Costa Rica, Poland, Ecuador

Final Standings (Country, Movie, Total Points)
Germany, Signs of Life, 3
Poland, Kanal, 1
Costa Rica, 0
Ecuador, 0

Germany advance in First place with 3 points. Poland take Second Place with 1 point.

Group B – England, Paraguay, Trinidad & Tobago, Sweden

Final Standings (Country, Movie, Total Points)
Sweden, Persona, 3
England, Endgame, 1
Paraguay, 0
Trinidad & Tobago, 0

Group C – Argentina, Ivory Coast, Holland, Serbia& Montenegro

Final Standings (Country, Movie, Total Points)
Argentina, A Shadow you soon will be, 3
Holland, Turkish Delight, 3
Serbia, The Wounds, 1
Ivory Coast, 0

A tough group but Argentina take first place over Holland on goal difference.

Group D – Mexico, Iran, Portugal, Angola

Final Standings (Country, Movie, Total Points)
Iran, And Life Goes On, 3
Portugal, I'm Going Home, 3
Mexico, In the Middle of Nowhere, 1
Angola, 0

Group E – US, Czech Republic, Italy, Ghana

The tightest group in the World Cup ends up being a dud when it comes to the movie world cup. The most commerical choice in this group ended up crashing the party and advances as top of the group into the next round -- Wedding Crashers was the most unlikely choice but it worked in what it tried to achieve, which was not much to begin with but it delievered a few laughs. The biggest disappointment for me was Roberto Benigni's The Tiger and the Snow. No one can dispute the amazing energy Benigni brings to his work but this movie just didn't click. In a soccer game, you can have players with tons of pace but if they can't direct the ball into the net, then all their running amounts to nothing. Which is the same thing I felt about Benigni's work -- too much energy but no end product. Every now and then, you saw glimpses of brilliance and even at the end, I expected things to turn out completely but that was not the option taken. The story was not a fable no matter how much I interpret it to be and as a result, I felt it was a let down. The Czech movie had plenty of promise but I felt the joke was really on the audience. I have Milan Kudera's book by the same name and I am sure the book is great but the movie was bland. In the World Cup as well, the Czech team had so much promise but their efforts fizzled out after the second game. So here are the final standings:

USA, Wedding Crashers, 3
Italy, The Tiger and the Snow, 1
Czech Republic, The Joke, 1
Ghana, 0

Group F – Australia, Japan, Brazil, Croatia

Final Standings (Country, Movie, Total Points)
Brazil , The Middle of the World, 3
Japan, Kwaidan, 3
Australia, He died with a Felafel in his hand, 1
Croatia, Witnesses, 1

Brazil take first place on goal difference.

Group G – South Korea, Togo, France, Switzerland

France finally got their act together in the World Cup and it was because the coach finally made the right selections. As far as the movie cup goes, both France and Korea had strong showings. The Swiss doc was disappointing even though it was a very good effort. It came down to my lack of interest in the topic about the Tibetan Saltmen and since I had seen similar documentaries in the last few years about that part of the world, it didn't seem anything new. In the end, the Korean movie edged out the French movie on goal difference. I never finished watching Lady Vengeance the first time around so I decided to give it a second chance. I am glad I did because it is a very good movie. It is slow at times but manages to show flashes of brilliance throughtout to stay the course. The French movie has good pace (not as good as Thierry Henry's) and is technicall good but the predictable story line loses the fizzle near the end.

Final Standings (Country, Movie, Total Points)
Korea , Lady Vengeance, 3
France, In all Innocence, 3
Switzerland, The Saltmen of Tibet, 1
Togo, 0

Group H – Spain, Ukraine, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia

Final Standings (Country, Movie, Total Points)
Spain , El Bola, 3
Tunisia, Satin Rouge, 3
Ukraine, 0
Saudi Arabia, 0

A very tight duel between Spain and Tunisia but Spain narrowly take first place with the slightest goal difference.


Unknown said...

What a great idea this is!

How's the second (and on) round going to work: judging the films from round one against each other, or are watching news films from the advancing countries?

Sachin said...

Hi Pacze,

Well Ideally I wanted to watch 3 seperate movies for each first round game, then I wanted to get a new movie for each round, meaning 2nd round, quarter finals, etc.But I realized I didnt have time to do that.

So I plan to only use one movie for the entire thing. Meaning, after the first round is over, it won't take too long for me to determine a winner. I use the same format as the world cup to find out which movie goes up against which one in the second round and from there on, I carry on with my own tournament.

I will try to time my second round finishes at the same time as the real world cup's as well. I want to spend some time thinking about why I like a movie or how I determine if one movie is better than the other. I plan to write more comments as the days go on about each movie.

I plan to do this atleast 2-3 times a year and next time around, I will space it out and use different countries.

it is a fun idea :) More of an experiement. I found out that I enjoyed watching movies better in this format.