Saturday, July 07, 2007

Copa America Film Festival, Semi-Final

On Sat, July 7 in the soccer tournament Uruguay demolished the hosts Venezuela 4-1 while Brazil ran riot over Chile in a 6-1 win. Brazil's wealth of talent finally shone. In terms of the film festival, the Brazilian film lost in the Quarters, while the Uruguayan film marches on powerfully. The film semi-finals are indeed rich with 4 very good films competing against each other.

Semi-Final 1: Uruguay (Whisky) vs Mexico (El compadre Mendoza)

Once again, the film from Uruguay wins easily.

Total points for Whisky: 5 (scores point in all categories)
Total points for El compadre Mendoza: 1 (Story)

Final Score: Uruguay 5 -1 Mexico

Semi-Final 2: Argentina (The Official Story) vs USA (North by Northwest)

This is a tough one. Both films are completely different genres (political drama vs Hitchcock's spy thriller) and play at different pace. The Official Story slowly develops and only hammers the emotional punch near the end. Whereas, North by Northwest immediately jumps into action and offers only a few moments of respite in a very action packed scenario.

Total points for The Official Story: 2 (Acting, Story)
Total Points for North by Northwest: 4 (Story, Direction, Cinematography & Production Values)

Final score: USA wins 4-2 over Argentina

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