Thursday, November 29, 2007

Since Otar Left, Killer of Sheep

Otar has left with the Killer of Sheep

We interrupt our regular programming with this breaking news!!!

"Otar has left the country along with the killer of sheep. The killer of sheep was last seen 30 years ago in 1977 but has recently surfaced again. He is a wanted target and a threat. I repeat, he is a THREAT!!! His recent relationship with Otar could prove to be very dangerous for everyone. We are working on...hang on...what?...ok."

Dead air.

"And we are back. We have just received some new information. It appears that Otar has not left with the killer of sheep. I repeat, Otar has not left with the killer of sheep. Otar has left for Paris but the Killer of Sheep is still at large. Please lock your doors and stay in front of the tv for the rest of the night. We will continue to work on this story for our 11 pm news tonight."

Booming Announcer Voice: "We NOW return to the current program".

Tick Tock. Time flies by.

11 pm. Booming Voice: "Welcome to channel 847's nightly news. Here's your host Jim Newswallah"

"Good evening and glad you could be with us. We begin with our top story involving Otar and the Killer of sheep. Police have now confirmed that Otar has illegally landed in Paris and has gone missing. He has nothing to do with the Killer of Sheep who still poses a threat to the people of the free world. For more on Otar, we join ace reporter Valencia Fernandez on location in Tbilisi".

Valencia: "Yes thank you Jim. I am in Tbilisi, Georgia covering this remarkable story about Otar. It appears that Otar left Georgia for France in order to provide a better living for his family. The economy in Georgia has been going through a rough transition after the collapse of communism and people are struggling to make ends meet. In fact, some people still fondly remember the days of Stalin and the Soviet rule. One such person who misses the old regime is Otar's grandmother Eka."

"Eka lives with her daughter Marina and grand-daughter Ada

in an apartment complex in the heart of Tbilisi. The three women had to solely relay on Otar and now they can only hope that Otar can quickly find work in Paris and send some money back."

"This is Valencia Fernandez reporting for Channel 847, Tbilisi, Georgia."

Jim: "Well that was one part of our story. It appears that Otar doesn't pose a threat to anyone at this point. But the same can't be said for the killer of sheep. Who is this killer of sheep? Why is he a danger for all inhabitants of this planet? For more on his identity, we join the hip and manly Chaz Henry in L.A"

Chaz: "Good evening Jim."

Jim: "Yes, good evening Chaz. What can you tell us about this sheep killer?"

Chaz: "Well it appears that this story has been blown out of proportion. We ain't talking about no murderer but an ordinary hard working human being."

Jim: "With a name like killer of sheep, how can be innocent?"

Chaz: "Oh he got that name because he works in a slaughter house. That's all. In fact, he don't even slice the sheep. He merely mops the floor after the sheep get killed and takes them dead sheep towards the ice storage."

Jim: "Well that explains the title. But who is this man?"

Chaz: "His name's Stan."

Chaz: "He got a wife and two little kids. The kids spend all day playing around and getting in trouble. You know, the sort of stuff that kids do.

His wife is real pretty but she don't do much work around the house. Poor Stan got to do it all. He works all day long in the slaughter house, surrounded by blood and dead sheep. He got to wipe up all the blood off the floor. Then he comes home and instead of having dinner has to either fix some appliances or something."

Jim: "So is Stan a threat?"

Chaz: "Oh I get it. The only reason we doing this story is because you all think that Stan is a threat, eh?"

Jim: "No. Not at all. We thought he was a murderer and sent our ace crew to cover the story."

Chaz: "Well you got it all wrong. Stan could never hurt a fly. Well he may one day kill a sheep. But he won't lay a finger on a human being. You see.."

Jim: "Sorry Chaz. We have to go."

Chaz: "But I ain't finished yet."

Jim: "It does not matter. Stan is of no interest to us."

Chaz: "Ain't that the problem. Just because Stan is an ordinary man with every day problems and an honest job, he ain't interesting enough for you?"

Jim: "Chaz, we really don't have time for this. We are about to go to commercials"

Chaz: "No you ain't. You ain't going nowhere until you hear about my story about Stan."

Jim: "Chaz we have no place for real humanistic stories in our news. We only cover sensational news so that we can cause fear and panic in people. Only then will people submit to the greater powers. And once we have scared them enough, we feed them with mindless entertainment to numb them further."

Camera Man #1: "Jim, we are still on air"

Jim: "F*($#*^#$$#. I thought you said we went for commercials."

Camera Man #1: "You never gave the cue."

Jim: "You want a cue. I will give you a #$*&#$ cue."

Dead Air.

Booming Voice: "Due to technical difficulties with the news broadcast, we instead join an episode of the award winning drama 'Crime Beat Team: Suburban patrol."

Since Otar Left (2003, France/Belgium, Director Julie Bertucelli): Rating 8.5/10

A very tender and touching story about the relationship between three women. Beautifully acted, especially by Dinara Drukarova who plays the young Ada. Ada is the peace maker in the house as she balances the icy wars between her mother Marina (Nino Khomasuridze) and her grandmother Eka (a very sweet and measured performance from Esther Gorintin).

Killer of Sheep (1977, Director Charles Burnett): Rating 9/10

I can't believe such a poetic and simple film about a man's everyday struggles was made in 1977. The late 1970's American cinema was known for big Hollywood blockbusters, like Star Wars which got released in 1977 as well. So it is refreshing to know such a humble independent film was made three decades ago.

Killer of Sheep pics -- Copyright © 2007 Milestone Films

Since Otar Left pics -- Zeitgeist Films


Unknown said...


What a great post. The most entertaining I've read in a long time. You capture the radio announcer style perfectly!

...wish I could say something about the films, but, as usual, haven't seen them.

Sachin said...

Thanks :)

I didn't feel like giving away specific details about movies so it was easy to have this format where I could post info about the movies while integrating my own analysis.