Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Euro 2008 Film Festival: Group C, France

Film Festival Rules & Guidelines

Film selected (Year, Director): Angela-A (2005, Luc Besson)
Rating: 7.5/10
Rules compliance: I have seen a handful of Besson's previous films so the selection fails to be one from an unseen director's work.

Relevance to Soccer: Own goals

Scoring an own goal in soccer is an awful feeling. There can be many reasons for an own goal such as lack of communication between the player and his goal-keeper, bad judgment on the player's part or just plain bad luck. Although some players are more likely to score own goals than others. But with enough training and experience, one expects these players to make correctly timed tackles to avoid those dreaded own goals in the future.

At the start of Angel-A, we find André (Jamel Debbouze)

who has made one too many bad decisions. Finding himself with a debt that he cannot pay, André chooses to end his life. But a guardian angel Angela (Rie Rasmussen) comes to his rescue and helps get him out of trouble.

Unfortunately, it is in André's nature to make bad decisions and he once again manages to dig himself into a hole. So Angela decides to give André a lesson in self-confidence in the hope that he can evaluate future situations in a better manner.

Filmed in gorgeous black and white, Angel-A is a light hearted film set in Paris. No matter how miserable André feels, he can always count on the presence of the Eiffel tower as a guiding light in his life.

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