Thursday, February 07, 2008

Euro 2008 Film Festival: Group D, Greece

Film Festival Rules & Guidelines

Film selected (Year, Director): Rouleman (2005, Panos Karkanevatos)
Rating: 7/10
Rules compliance: All Rules met

Relevance to Soccer: Fame and a better life

Every year plenty of soccer players from around the World leave their small town soccer team for a big professional team in the city. Very few of those who leave their homes actually make it as a professional. If the rejected players are smart, they would try for a different team or if things do not work out at all, then choose an alternate profession. Ofcourse, the options for the rejected player are easier if the player moved to the city in legal manner. Recent reports have suggested that players have been getting picked from South American or even African clubs and transported to Europe on shaky immigration papers and were often left to fend on their own. But soccer is not the only case with gruesome stories of people's lives getting turned upside down after a move to the big city.

In Rouleman, Loula wants to leave her small town for the city.

Kosmos enters her life and promises to marry her and take her to the city.

But he does not mention his financial problems and shady past to Loula and as a result, the two are forced to continue living in the small town after marriage. Loula is frustrated and leaves for the city on her own. She initially faces difficulties but manages to do fine. However, Kosmos is jealous of her life and wants her back. But she does not want to have anything with him. A confrontational situation leads to only one possible predictable outcome.

No matter how bad his life is, Kosmos still manages to show interest in soccer. He wants to take Loula to see an AEK Athens derby game but she is not interested. Even when Kosmos is in jail, he is curious to know how AEK did.

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