Sunday, June 08, 2008

Euro 2008 Diary: Day 2

Group B: Two games, three goals

  • Austria 0-1 Croatia
  • Germany 2-0 Poland

  • The results of both Group B games ended up as expected but it was good to see both Austria and Poland attempt to get a good result from their opening games. Croatia took an early lead via the penalty spot (Luka Modrić) but they didn't do too much after that. To Austria's credit, they took the game to Croatia but their finishing left a lot to be desired and it is no wonder they were labeled as the tournament's worst team. On a few occasions, Austria could not keep up with the Croatian players and had to commit fouls to keep the score-line down. Besides winning the penalty, Ivica Olić was pulled back more than once otherwise he could inflicted more harm on the co-hosts.

    Germany got the win everyone expected of them and they could have had more goals. Polish born Lukas Podolski got both German goals and his lack of celebration at both goals was nice to see.

    First impressions of both co-hosts:
    Switzerland were unlucky not to get anything from their opener against the Czechs yesterday and today Austria were unfortunate as well to not atleast score a goal. Both co-hosts tried to play football but their technical problems were apparent. The Swiss are hit quite hard because their captain and one of their best players Alexander Frei was injured on Sat and is out for the rest of the tournament.

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