Friday, July 04, 2008

1 Guy, 3 women, beautiful locales...

And that is Bollywood in a nutshell. If Hollywood has its summer blockbusters, then Bollywood won't be the same without its big banner films, complete with romantic stories in picturesque locations.

And Ranbir Kapoor's new film trailer, Bachna Ae Haseeno, does show the best sides of Venice and the Australian beaches. I truly love the first trailer, partly because of the smart remix of the classic old Indian song Bachna Ae Haseeno and the spliced images of the beaches, Venice and ahem, the film cast. Can the film live up to the trailer? For now, I just want to enjoy this short clip and not worry about the film's fortunes.

Quick summary of Trailer 1:
A guy. Hot sun. Beach. Snow. Solo Traveler, facing the sun and ready to go out in the world. Women. Let the chase begin. A girl in a soccer net. A fling here. A fling there. Another beach. And then there is always Venice, eternal love? Nah. Onto the next fling.

Trailer 2:

Having seen enough Bollywood films and judging by the trailer (and the title), this is how the characters appear to stack up:
1) Ranbir Kapoor -- clearly playing a free spirit who can't stop falling for women in general. His character effortlessly flirts with women so much so that it is second nature to him.
2) Minissha Lamba -- playing the cute and sweet girl next door. The scenes where she is swinging in the soccer net and running through the market are probably for a song where she is expressing her new found feelings of love for Ranbir's character.
3) Bipasha Basu -- as usual playing the sultry woman who guys cheat on their loved ones with. She may even be married and Ranbir's character is taking risks with this one.
4) Deepika Padukone -- hard to tell. So I am guessing she must either fall in between the two other women or she could be the one playing the guy?

We know how these films end right? The guy goes for the sweet innocent love so Bipasha's character ending with Ranbir's character is out of the question. But what if a fourth woman shows up at the end? I guess the ending is one I might have to wait to find out.

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