Monday, September 29, 2008

Final Day of CIFF!!

Tired and jaded. I managed to take in 3 films on the closing day but I really should have only watched 1. The last two really tested any endurance I had whatsoever.

Day 10, Sept 28

Corridor #8 (2008, Bulgaria, Boris Despodov): 8/10
Jar City (2006, Iceland, Baltasar Kormákur): 6/10
The Pope's Toilet (2007, Uruguay, César Charlone/Enrique Fernández): 8/10

If there is a new wave in Romanian cinema, then Bulgaria may be becoming a hotspot for interesting documentaries. Last year I enjoyed the Bulgarian doc Mosquito Problem and Other Stories and this year Corridor #8 does not disappoint. With a short running time of 75 min, Corridor #8 is an interesting look at life between Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania using trade, a proposed highway and cultural perception as a focal lens.

Jar City was a disappointing film even though it does feature some very stunning overhead visuals of the Icelandic landscape. It is a genre murder mystery with some slight variations to the conventional murder puzzle solving plots. The background score which attempts to evoke a spiritual essence around the film does not blend with the story and ends up being needlessly overpowering.

I was looking forward to seeing The Pope's Toilet but watching it at 9:45 pm on the final day of the festival was a bit too much to bear. On any other day, possibly an afternoon show, I might have enjoyed this film a bit more. Despite its charm, it felt too lightweight to sustain my tired eyes. Still I managed to stay awake despite the 90 minute running time taking forever to cycle through. How I wish this film had played at an earlier time in the festival!

That's a wrap..

Once I have caught up on my sleep, I will attempt to do a recap of some sort.

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