Thursday, November 13, 2008

The more things change...

the more they go back to being the same. Well atleast in the Italian Serie A!

On Thursday night Juventus beat Genoa 4-1 to go joint top with Inter Milan at the top of the league standings for a period of atleast 72 hours until Inter and the rest of the Serie A teams take to the field on Saturday and Sunday. Having played one game less, Inter have the same points as Juve (24) and are just ahead of the Turin club by a goal difference of 1 (+10 as opposed to Juve's +9). Milan and Napoli are one point behind the two on 23, with Lazio at 22, Udinese at 21 while both Genoa and Fiorentina have 20 points.

For the last two decades AC Milan, Juventus and Inter Milan have been the top three teams in Italy not only in terms of titles won but also with the most financial muscle to attract the biggest names in the game. Other teams such as Napoli, Sampdoria, Roma, Lazio and even Fiorentina have attempted to challenge the trio with limited sustained success over the years. One could say that out of the top three, Inter have only recently earned the top accolades after the corruption scandal in 2006 saw Juventus getting relegated from Serie A and Milan having points docked for the start of the 2006/07 season. But things are appearing to be restored to the Italian standards of normality as Juventus and Milan are putting on a comeback of sorts. Although it remains to be seen if either Juventus and Milan can sustain their good form in the long run as their squads are aging and packed with many players past their peak.

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