Thursday, November 27, 2008

Oh Mumbai

Not again. Not again Mumbai....

If a city could be given a voice, then given what has happened over the last two decades, Mumbai's angry scream would resonate around the world and render everyone deaf. I can't imagine any other city in the world that has had to endure such sustained nonsense, over and over..and in the name of what? No one knows.

In 1993 it was the Stock Market, in 2006 it was the trains and in between them, the local markets, cinemas, etc were all hit. As always innocents were killed. Now high end hotels, a cafe and another cinema, plus the train station again. On and on...

If the pictures are true, then it was young kids who went on a killing rampage and are still at large. Why? There is no why. Just like in David Fincher's Fight Club, when the young men go out of control and start causing damage without any cause or even a leader guiding them. Out of boredom, out of misguided cause.

Interestingly, there were 3 Bollywood films (Mumbai Meri Jaan, A Wednesday, Mukhbiir) released this year that tried to deal with the horror of the 2006 attack and another with terrorism (Aamir) in general. In all these 4 films, there was a happy ending, ofcourse. Bollywood films usually end on a happy note. They have to because in reality a city like Mumbai isn't left to stay happy for too long. Someone usually comes along and tries to dampen the city's spirit. The city as always is left to clean up and move on.

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