Monday, June 07, 2010

Constant Noise

Question: What is loud, annoying and refuses to shut up?

Answer: Barcelona football club.

The 1000th story doing the media rounds is yet another Cesc to Barca headline.

After Arsenal told Barca a firm NO, Laporta refused to shut up and continued making noise.

35 million euros a fair price for Cesc?

Are you having a laugh?

And then there is Barca's official mouthpiece, Xavi, who just keeps talking and talking. I always knew Xavi to be an expert passer but I had no idea he was an expert PR rep.

Barcelona have officially become more annoying than Real Madrid in their lustful chase of Arsenal players. After Henry and Hleb, Cesc is their latest obsession. Yes, Cesc was once a Barca player. But Barca only have themselves to blame for letting him go. They didn't value him and now are desperate to get him back. Why do Barca want him so badly? Because Barcelona football club loves showing the world what a spoiled brat they are.

I have lost all respect for Barcelona football club. If there is justice, then Barcelona will not win a single trophy next season.

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