Thursday, July 08, 2010

2010 Movie World Cup, Semi-Finals, 3rd Place & Final

Semi-Final #1

Mexico (In the Pit) 3 - 2 Japan (The Human Condition, part I)

In the Pit

Freeway construction site. A concrete cross ready to bear the burden of human's technological advances. Forgive us concrete, for we humans have sinned.
The end sequence of In the Pit is quite beautiful and gives an overview of the enormous construction site and hovers over some of the hundreds of workers involved. We only get to meet a few of the site workers in the film but there are many more stories waiting to be told.

The Human Condition

An intelligent and fascinating case study of human egos, greed and power.

Kaji has the difficult task of trying to implement his ideals across two parties, masters and slaves, who hate and distrust the other. Just three snapshots of his complex discussions:

1) Telling the labor bosses to steal less makes Kaji an instant enemy.
2) Kaji's ideas about fair labor conditions and practices are immediately dismissed by his supervisors as impractical.
3) Breaking the bad news to the prisoners -- Kaji almost always has bad news for the prisoners because his humane methods are either not recognized or undermined.

The Human Condition is a timeless film that will always be relevant because humans will never be able to treat others with respect and dignity. Egos, greed and lust for power will never go out of fashion.

Semi-Final #2

Argentina (Liverpool) 3-2 Honduras (El Porvenir)

Liverpool is about a solitary man's journey while El Porvenir looks at the reasons why young men abandon isolation in favor of gangs. Death is implied yet never seen in Liverpool whereas El Porvenir examines the brutal killing that took place in April 2003 at the El Porvenir penal farm.

3rd Place Match

Japan (The Human Condition, part I) 2-2 Honduras (El Porvenir)

Penalty shoot-out! The Honduran film narrowly sneaks out third place on penalties.

Movie World Cup Final

Mexico (In the Pit,2006, Juan Carlos Rulfo) 2-3 Argentina (Liverpool, 2008, Lisandro Alonso)

Lisandro Alonso's beautiful film ends up as the best overall film when compared to the other 31 entries. The Brazilian film, In the Middle of the World, won the 2006 Movie World Cup and now another South American film takes the 2010 Movie World Cup. Unfortunately, no South American team will win the 2010 soccer World Cup despite a strong showing from all 5 South American teams in the opening rounds.

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