Monday, November 29, 2010

No way, Jose!!!!

I have nothing against Real Madrid football club but their current manager Jose Mourinho is another matter altogether. His arrogance knows no bounds and he is clearly one of the most disrespectful managers working in the game. Sure he has plenty of trophies to his name but he has achieved those on the back of a dismal game plan of playing negative football, fouling opponents and insulting opposing managers. Mourinho was also responsible for forcing an honest ref like Anders Frisk to retire after Mourinho's lies caused Frisk to receive death threats. Last week, even by his negative standards Mourinho hit a new low when he instructed two of his Real Madrid players to get sent off on purpose so that they would have a clean record for the next round of the Champions League. Yes there are cheats who insult the game every week by diving and rolling about on the ground. Yes there are managers who instruct their players to get "stuck in" and take out an opponent out but even the crudest managers don't ask their players to get red cards on purpose.

So it is with great pleasure to read the following score-line in today's El Clásico derby:

Barcelona 5 - 0 Real Madrid

Barca have their revenge, not only from this season, but from last season when Inter Milan led by Jose knocked Barca out of the Champions League. Mourinho's fans, and he has plenty in the media some of whom hailed last week's red card instructions as genius, will point that this is only his first loss this season and his team can still win multiple trophies. I am sure he will win trophies this year with Madrid but for once beautiful football won over arrogance.

The beautiful football of pass, pass and score wins over the negative instructions of sitting back, fouling and red cards.

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