Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Ways of Wine & Revolucion

The wonderful Argentine film The Ways of Wine is playing for free on, until tomorrow Nov 21.

The film is a self-discovery journey with a touch of humor. In the manner of Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist, the film shows that sometimes one may travel the world to search for meaning but the real answer that they are seeking lies closer to home. Ofcourse, the real learning comes from the journey itself.

Also, the Mexican film Revolución is showing for free on mubi only on Saturday (Nov 20) and Sunday (Nov 21).


Julie K. said...

Oh no, I missed the movie for free on That is just unlucky. From the description given here I am pretty much confident I would love it. The cinematograpy of Argentina has always been quite an influence for me - for the touch of fantasy and surrealism filmmakers kind of miss here in the north

Sachin said...

I am not sure if this comment is submitted by an actual person or a spambot? If it is indeed a spambot that traverses through various websites, altering the message slightly based on content, it is quite creative.