Thursday, June 23, 2011

Copa America 2011 Book & Film Festival

The Copa America is just 8 days away which also means my deadline to finish all the selections for the Copa America Book & Film Festival is fast approaching. While I had finished watching most of the South American films by end of January 2011, the books have taken a lot longer to get through than originally planned. Reading 12 books in 6 months is not a difficult target to achieve but that task was made a bit more challenging by my decision to see as many as 200 films in that 6 month period. As things stand, I have just two more books to get through but I will have to stretch the reading past my self-imposed deadline of June 30. Also, an unexpected addition to my original selection occurred after Japan withdrew from Copa America but I still retained the Japanese novel & film while adding a book and film from Costa Rica.

Quick re-cap of the rules

The entries will not be placed into the following three groups as per the soccer tournament:

Group A: Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Bolivia
Group B: Brazil, Paraguay, Ecuador, Venezuela
Group C: Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, Peru

Instead the top 3 books and films will be chosen from all the selections. However, I will still do a comparison of the soccer vs book/film group standings.

The Japanese entries and the bonus films will not be eligible for the competition.

The Selections

Here in summary of all the entries -- 13 books, 19 films (including the 6 bonus films).


Book: Hopscotch by Julio Cortázar
Film: Crane World (1999, Pablo Trapero)
Bonus Film: Lion's Den (2008, Pablo Trapero)


Book: Aurora by Giancarla de Quiroga
Film: Cocalero (2007, Alejandro Landes)


Book: Zero by Ignácio de Loyola Brandão
Film: Black God White Devil (1964, Glauber Rocha)


Book: The Secret Holy War of Santiago De Chile by Marco Antonio de la Parra
Film: Tony Manero (2008, Pablo Larraín)


Book: The Armies by Evelio Rosero
Film: Crab Trap (2009, Oscar Ruiz Navia)
Bonus Film: The Wind Journeys (2009, Ciro Guerra)

Costa Rica:

Book: Cocori by Joaquin Guteierrez
Film: Cold Water of the Sea (2010, Paz Fabrega)


Book: The Ecuador Reader, edited by Carlos De La Torre
Film: Cronicas (2004, Sebastián Cordero)
Bonus Film: Ratas, ratones, rateros (1999, Sebastián Cordero)


Book: Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami
Film: Tokyo Sonata (2008, Kiyoshi Kurosawa)


Book: The Underdogs by Mariano Azuela
Film: Duck Season (2004, Fernando Eimbcke)


Book: I, The Supreme by Augusto Roa Bastos
Film: Noche Adentro (2009, Pablo Lamar, 17 min)
Bonus Film: I Hear Your Scream (2008, Pablo Lamar, 11 min)


Book: Conversations in the Cathedral by Mario Vargas Llosa
Film: Milk of Sorrow (2009, Claudia Llosa)
Bonus Film: Madeinusa (2006, Claudia Llosa)


Book: Body Snatcher by Juan Carlos Onetti
Film: A Useful Life (2010, Federico Veiroj)


Book: Chronicles of a Nomad by A.A. Alvarez
Film: El Don (2006, José Ramón Novoa)
Bonus Film: Araya (1959, Margot Benacerraf)

Currently, only comments on the entries from Colombia and Venezuela are posted. The remaining 11 posts will be put up during the actual Copa America soccer tournament, which goes from July 1 - July 24.

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