Sunday, April 13, 2008

Curtains, finally!

The Collapse:

In the future when football scholars will look back at the 2007/08 season, they may prefer to use the format from Jared Diamond's book Collapse to examine what went wrong with Arsenal. Diamond's book examines how and why some of the world's greatest civilizations disappeared. Well, Arsenal have collapsed in the worst possible fashion, losing all 4 titles by defeats to their bitterest rivals.

Same Same but different

The First half: Arsenal played well, moved the ball with purpose but could not take the lead. Adebayor was the most guilty wasting two glorious chances, the first with a neat 1-2, the second after Hleb's great dance set up him. In both cases, Adebayor went for the safe option and choosing to put the ball on target as opposed to testing the keeper. Also, in the first half the show called Eboue or Football Learnings of Arsenal for Make Benefit Glorious Premier team continued.

Arsenal took the lead early in the second half thanks to Van Persie's cross being headed home by Adebayor -- his first league goal in the league since his new haircut. But like last Tuesday's horror show, the lead didn't last long, once again due to a penalty being given. Clear cut or not, the cocky Ronaldo stepped up and put it away, only to be asked to have it retaken. Lehmann did his best to put the smug Portuguese off but Ronaldo repeated his stutter step and scored to level the game. As per the laws of the game, a stutter step is not allowed for spot-kicks but refs have stopped caring for years as Figo has made this into a trademark spot kick. And then the horror increased with a free-kick from Owen H.

To rub salt into wounds, Ronaldo returned to his pony dog roots in the closing stages to finally draw a curtain on Arsenal's 2007/08 season.

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