Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cannes 2008

The Cannes 2008 Line-up is out. A quick look by the Guardian at the films and directors.

What interests me is that Matteo Garrone's Gomorra is in the competition. I recently finished reading the book and loved it, so I am curious to see how a fictional tale based on the non-fiction book would stack up. Plenty of big names in the line-up but I am thrilled to see Brillante Mendoza's new film Serbis there. I loved his two previous movies Slingshot and Foster Child at VIFF last year. During the Q&A session after Slingshot at VIFF someone in the audience asked Mendoza what his next project was. He looked towards his producer before answering something along the lines of "sex in a movie theater" and that this was "something which happens in Philippines". Reading the brief description of Serbis, this might be the film that Mendoza talked about.

So I guess the film festival 2008 season is now officially open. Let the film anticipation begin!!!!!!!!!!!!

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