Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thierry Henry gets Framed by Paz Vega

It seems every time Henry has a bad touch of the ball, two articles get written in Spain about Henry's failure. Considering that Henry gave Arsenal fans so many great memories, it is not very pleasant to see Henry criticized so much. Negative articles about him were being written in the first half of the season but recently they have increased as end of the European season approaches. So in a way it was very refreshing to see a mini documentary film on Henry on the Independent Film Channel (IFC) last month. The film was directed by the lovely Paz Vega (yes the actress) and was part of IFC's Framed series where celebrities will make their first documentary film on sports stars.

Henry's film was the third episode in this series. It was a real treat to watch Henry being comfortable, happy, honest & even a wee bit flirtatious (I am sure Miss Vega has that effect). In reality, the doc film is only 5 minutes long but the rest of 20 or so minutes are about the setup.

The full film can be found here: Click on the Henry & Paz Vega link, and choose the full episode option. Although, I found this link a bit slow even though the sound quality was very good. Alternatively, here is the film in three parts (the sound quality is not the greatest in some sections):

Part One -- the set-up where Henry meets Paz Vega and they discuss the project.

Part Two -- the actual audition

Part Three -- the Interview and final shots.

Here's a very good quality clip of the penalty sequence between Henry and Vega.

Just a delightful film to watch.

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