Tuesday, January 22, 2008


The death of Heath Ledger is indeed a shock -- NY Times , Guardian, David Thomson's blog.

It will be strange to see his Joker role in the new Batman movie. I suppose the strangeness might be along the lines of seeing The Crow after Brandon Lee had died before the movie came out in 1994.


Antimatter said...

I was incredulous when I saw the headline. It's a shame, he was a terrific actor and could have been one of the greats. Cinema will be the poorer for his loss.

Interesting you bring up Brandon Lee - both actors were young and considered talented (though I think Ledger definitely had the edge in terms of talent and success) and both died after making a comic book adaptation in which they played a dark, twisted character while wearing pale makeup. Weird.

(and no, I'm not making some kind of supernatural allusion there, it's just coincidence!)

Sachin said...

I had no idea that The Crow was a comic book adaptation. Yeah I was also thinking of how both had finished working on dark themed films when they died. Since their deaths were in different manners, there is no pattern there but it is indeed strange considering the films they were making.

Kempton said...

Very sad news indeed. His work in Brokeback was great and I saw some of his earlier light-hearted movies and they were pretty fun to watch too.

Death of a young talent is tragic. In the case of Brandon Lee, he died on set where a blank mis-fired or something.

Very sad.

Sachin said...

Hey Kempton,

I loved his 10 Things I hate about you, a film I have seen atleast 2-3 times because it was light hearted fun. And Brokeback was an amazing film with a really intense performance. Very few films get to me like that one.