Wednesday, October 08, 2008

When the truth is much scarier than scripted fiction...

Imagine a scene 6 years or so ago.

A meeting room packed with “important men”.

Man #1: War, War, War.
Man #2: Oil, Oil, Oil.
Man #3: Is this all really good for us?
Man #1: No doubt sir. We will win in one week. Everyone will love us.
Man #2: Who Cares if we are loved or not? We are who we are. We are #1. The rest can go to hell.

And so it was. A one hour meeting. And the nightmare continues 6 years on. The worst part of all of this is that these men will get away without any blame. They have washed their hands of this problem and the rest of the world is left to pick up the pieces.

Now Imagine another scene about three decades ago.

A university room packed with some “intelligent minds”, plus some world politicians and a dictator or two.

Professor #1: There is only one perfect system. Open everything up. Privatize and free markets.
Dictator #1: But there will be problems.
Professor’s follower #1: No pain, no gain. The people will suffer but they will get used to it.
Professor’s follower #2: For those people that cause problem or oppose the ideas, lock them up and throw away the keys.

Men sitting in rooms thinking they had all the answers. Men who never traveled outside of their country yet they treated the world as their private experiment. Men who are still called “intelligent”. Well the truth is out now. Those men were fucking wrong. They were plain fucking wrong. The think tanks were full with men with no practical experience. There were no computer simulations back then. And even if there was evidence to show that these men were wrong, they would have ignored the advice. These men were just too arrogant to factor in the human element into their “intelligent” ideas.

And this is where we find ourselves in. These “intelligent” men still make more money than the average person. Yet it is their mistakes that are fucking the system up.

History is filled with instances where people fail to learn from the mistakes of the past. Systems and ideas can fail. Sure that is acceptable. But if one is arrogant and convinced they are right while everyone else is wrong, then they are doomed to failure.

For the last 4 years, the team which plays the best football on the planet continues to make the same mistakes and constantly fails. If an intelligent man like Arsene Wenger can continue to make the same mistakes, then what about the countless arrogant men who are in charge of much more important issues which they have no idea how to solve? Ha, they will never admit their mistakes. But even if they did, what good will that do now?

The damage has been done. And it will continue to get worse.

5 years ago, I thought greed and stupidity of some “intelligent men” was going to result in some severe situations. Yet, I could not have imagined how severe the situations would end up being. My mistake? I truly underestimated the stupidity of these men. These men are beyond stupid. And the only thing worse than stupid men is stupid men with power to implement their foolish ideas.

There are some things a good soccer game or film cannot cure.

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