Monday, February 16, 2009

Eduardo is back and the crowd goes wild......

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What happens when one year of soccer related misery vanishes in a instant?

Joy..Immense Joy..Absolute, maddening joy

Despite being injured for almost a year, how did Eduardo manage to score two goals in his return game?

A) He is just that good. Pure Class.
B) He got lucky.
C) The opponents were not that good.
D) It is Written.


On Feb 23, 2008 Arsenal's Eduardo was hacked down by Birmingham City's Martin Taylor. Taylor broke Eduardo's leg and even smirked after the incident. The British Media rushed to Taylor's defense turning the villain into a victim saying such tackles are part of the game and that Taylor was "a nice guy." Uh-huh. I am willing to bet that if the tackle was made by a non-Englishman on an English player the media would not have been so understanding and would have asked for blood. But since Eduardo was a Croatian and Arsenal were not Manchester United, things were left as is. Arsenal never recovered from that incident and threw away the title that was theirs, allowing the average Man Utd and Chelsea teams to overtake them. To make matters worse lucky Liverpool edged past Arsenal in the Champions League. Arsenal lost key players in the summer of 2008 and have been awful for most of the 2008/09 season so far.

Present Day: Feb 16, 2009

Almost a year later, Eduardo makes his first team return for Arsenal, scoring two goals in a 4-0 win over Cardiff City in the F.A Cup. Will this game undo events and uplift Arsenal? Who Knows but for now all that matters is Eduardo is back!!!!

The Answer

The logical answer is A) but my heart says it is....



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Pacze Moj said...

It was great to see him score.

Too bad he didn't put in that audacious lob, too!