Monday, May 24, 2010

Copa America 2007 Film Festival Revisited

1) Rules and Film picks.

I managed to get films from 11 out of the 12 countries taking part. The only missing entry was from Paraguay. Back in 2007, I failed to track down Paraguayan Hammock, a film that I finally managed to acquire for the 2010 Movie World Cup.

2) Group A results.


Uruguay: Whisky (2004, Juan Pablo Rebella/Pablo Stoll)
Peru: Dias de Santiago (2004, Josue Mendez)
Bolivia: Dependencia sexual (2003, Rodrigo Bellott)
Venezuela: Oriana (1985, Fina Torres)

3) Group B results.


Brazil: The Man Who Copied (2003, Jorge Furtado)
Mexico: El Compadre Mendoza (1934, Juan Bustillo Oro/Fernando de Fuentes)
Chile: Coronacion (2000, Silvio Caiozzi)
Ecuador: Como voy a olvidarte? (2004, Edgardo Viereck)

4) Group C results.


USA: North by Northwest (1959, Alfred Hitchcock)
Argentina: The Official Story (1985, Luis Puenzo)
Colombia: Los Ninos Invisibles (2001, Lisandro Duque Naranjo)
Paraguay: none

5) Final First round group standings.

6) Quarter Finals.

Quarter Final 1: Uruguay (Whisky) 5-0 Colombia (Los niños invisibles)
Quarter Final 2: Mexico (El compadre Mendoza) 3-3 Bolivia (Dependencia sexual)
** Mexico win on penalties
Quarter Final 3: Brazil (The Man Who Copied) 2-3 Argentina (The Official Story)
Quarter Final 4: USA (North by Northwest) 5-2 Peru (Días de Santiago)

7) Semi Finals.

Semi-Final 1: Uruguay (Whisky) 5-1 Mexico (El compadre Mendoza)
Semi-Final 2: Argentina (The Official Story) 2-4 USA (North by Northwest)

8) Final and third place.

Third place: Mexico (El compadre Mendoza) 3-3 Argentina (The Official Story)
Mexico wins its second penalty shoot-out to take third.

Final: Uruguay (Whisky) 3-2 USA (North by Northwest)
The wonderful Uruguayan feature Whisky (Juan Pablo Rebella/Pablo Stoll) wins top prize.

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