Thursday, June 21, 2012

Euro 2012: Group Standings & Quarter-Final draw

Euro 2012 Book & Film Spotlight

The final standings from all three group games of the book & film spotlight. As per the rules, a decision can be made at the end of the group phase to choose a nation's secondary film over the primary film for the rest of the competition.

Group A

Russia easily won the group but things were very tight after that. Since Poland, Greece and Czech Republic had the same points, it came down to goal difference & head-to-head results. Poland & Greece had the same goal difference but Poland advance due to their 3-2 win over Greece in the first game.

Film moving on to the quarter-finals:

Silent Souls will represent Russia as it is better overall than How I Ended This Summer. While The Mill and the Cross will be the Polish film in the next round.

Group B

Both Mysteries of Lisbon and The Strange Case of Angelica are excellent films but I am going to opt for The Strange Case of Angelica to move into the next round. For Holland, C'est déjà l'été advances.

Group C

Buick Riviera & The Salt of Life will represent Croatia and Italy in the next round.

Group D

Ukraine only had one film in the competition so My Joy will be present in the quarter-finals while L’Apollonide will represent France.

Quarter-Finals of Book & Film Spotlight

So as per the Euro 2012 soccer draw:

First place in Group A vs Second place in Group B
First place in Group B vs Second place in Group A
First place in Group C vs Second place in Group D
First place in Group D vs Second place in Group C

That will result in the following film match-ups:

Silent Souls (Russia) vs C'est déjà l'été (Holland)
The Strange Case of Angelica (Portugal) vs The Mill and the Cross (Poland)
Buick Riviera (Croatia) vs House of Pleasures (France)
My Joy (Ukraine) vs The Salt of Life (Italy)

The film spotlight features both co-hosts from Euro 2012, unlike the soccer tournament.

Euro 2012 Soccer tournament results

For comparison, here are the final group standings & quarter-final draw for the soccer tournament.

Euro 2012 Group Standings


Czech Republic vs Portugal
Germany vs Greece
Spain vs France
England vs Italy

Soccer vs Book/Film

Portugal, France and Italy are the only three nations to make the quarter-finals of both soccer tournament & book/film spotlight. Interestingly, France & Italy take 2nd place in both instances.

The two eliminated soccer teams from Group A, Russia and Poland, take the top 2 spots in the book and film spotlight.

In Group B, Germany won all three games of the soccer tournament while finished bottom of the book & film spotlight and failed to register a single win.

Croatia were unfortunate to miss out on the soccer quarter-finals but they easily took first place in the book & film spotlight. Interestingly, Ireland finished bottom in both cases with 0 points and just one goal and conceded almost the same amount of goals: 8 in soccer & 7 in book/film.

In Group D, England surprized in both soccer & book/film but in different ways. Their top group finish in the soccer competition was a surprize considering they could not string even few passes together while it was an upset to see them miss out on the next round in the book/film spotlight despite having 3 strong candidates. Sweden finished bottom in both cases but atleast in soccer they managed a win aided by an incredible goal from Zlatan in their 2-0 win over France.


Sam Juliano said...

Ha Sachin! STRANGE CASE OF ANGELICA and THE MILL AND THE CROSS will make a for a great match up. Both are excellent films, and which ever one prevails I'm certainly with the program! I like several of the other match-ups as well.

Sachin said...

It is indeed a great match-up, one that is worthy of a film final. I should have all the results posted this week :)

Thanks Sam.