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Euro 2012: Quarter-Finals results & Semi-Final draw

Euro 2012 Book & Film Spotlight: Quarter-Final Results

The Quarter-finals of the Euro 2012 Book & Film Spotlight features four absolutely mouth-watering match-ups with very little to choose between the different films. So it is not a surprize to find very close results and even one subjective penalty shoot-out to pick a winner.

Quarter-Final #1: Silent Souls (Russia) vs C'est déjà l'été (Holland)

Certainly not a very uplifting affair as death hovers the Russian film while the Dutch entry depicts a cycle of misery that envelopes three generations of a family. Still, both are excellent films that smartly use the camera to give audience a fly on the wall perspective towards many intimate and personal moments. It is hard to watch both films without feeling a gush of emotions which is why it is appropriate that the winner of this match is decided by a subjective penalty shoot-out.

The Russian film takes it confidently on penalties.

QF #2: The Strange Case of Angelica (Portugal) vs The Mill and the Cross (Poland)

Two incredibly made films square off in a contest worthy to be a Euro Film final. Lech Majewski’s Polish film is a technical pleasure that dives into a painting and brings it to life. While Manoel de Oliveira shows a tender touch to craft a metaphysical love story which is light as a feather. The Strange Case of Angelica wins a narrow contest.

QF #3: Buick Riviera (Croatia) vs L’Apollonide (France)

One of the two match-ups where a personal favourite loses out when all the goals are tallied up. Buick Riviera is a film worthy of a final entry but L’Apollonide does a magnificent job of creating an intoxicating atmosphere in a French brothel. The characters and overall story of L’Apollonide may not be new but a brilliant treatment makes it a sensual pleasure. The panther stays long in the memory.

QF#4: My Joy (Ukraine) vs The Salt of Life(Italy)

The Italian film The Salt of Life is another personal favourite but it came up just short against My Joy. The Salt of Life It is a perfect summer film that makes one want to pass away the time at an Italian cafe with a glass of wine. On the other hand, My Joy is the complete opposite and reminds one of winter when darkness and cold weather numb the senses. As My Joy progresses, any shreds of hope and light are slowly extinguished and the film ends with one of the best fade-to-black sequences in recent memory. However, in this contest, darkness wins and My Joy progresses to the semi-final.

Semi-Final Draw

As per the draw, the winner of the Quarter-Final #1 meets the winner of QF#3 while the winners of QF#2 and #4 face-off. This results in the following:

Semi-Final #1: Silent Souls (Russia) vs L’Apollonide (France)

SF #2: The Strange Case of Angelica (Portugal) vs My Joy (Ukraine)

As a result of this draw, the two best films of the spotlight are drawn against each other in the second semi-final. This unfortunately means only one of The Strange Case of Angelica or My Joy will make it to the final. From another perspective, both semi-finals are perfectly balanced as Silent Souls and L’Apollonide have an equal chance of making the final. The only sure thing is that the winner of the Euro 2012 film spotlight will be one of The Strange Case of Angelica or My Joy.

Soccer Quarter-Finals

Czech Republic 0 - 1 Portugal
Germany 4 - 2 Greece
Spain 2 - 0 France
England 0 - 0 Italy, Italy win on penalties

For a change, all the four quarter-finals in the soccer tournament went as per plan. All the 4 attacking teams deserved to win their games even though the score-line may not reflect the overall dominance of Portugal, Germany, Spain and Italy.

The four quarters are in complete contrast to Copa America 2011 where all the four favourite teams lost in the quarter-finals.

Colombia 0 - 2 Peru
Argentina 1 - 1 Uruguay, Uruguay win on penalties
Brazil 0 - 0 Paraguay, Paraguay win on penalties
Chile 1 - 2 Venezuela

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